This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place. Pages need to be added to the main menu via: Appearance > menus.

This page uses the “3 modules” template (swappable via: Pages > Edit > Page Attributes > Template dropdown menu) as well as having a “Featured Image” set as the banner. The right sidebar is a selection of “widgets” (swapable via: Appearance > Widgets) and will show on all pages. The Modules (along the bottom) can be added on a page by page basis and are controlled by the Template (see above). You may select 1-3 but the same 3 modules only (with their respective content) are available sitewide. Only pages have Modules – Blog posts do not but have the option to have comments (this is set on a global or post-by-post basis).

Navigate through the top menu to see a selection of pages with different module and text/photo configurations.

  • Page 1: Featured Image, links in body of page; no Modules
  • Page 2: No Featured Image; images in text; No Modules.
  • Sub Page 3 (under Page 2): Featured Image, 2 images inserted into body of page; 2 Modules
  • Sub Page 4: No Featured Image; images in text; 3 Modules
  • Sub Page 5: Featured Image; no images in text; 1 Module

[Note: to add bulleted lists as shown here, items must be in an unordered list <ul> and have the class "bulleted" ]

The “Recent Posts” menu in the right sidebar will show a selection of Blog Posts and their available configurations.