The Center has gotten a significant amount of press coverage this summer, at both the local level and at the national level.  Our national topics have included youth employment and the lack of summer jobs for youth, and the growing age and family income level twists in national employment levels, a subject which is featured prominently by the Associated Press and has been very widely distributed (see below).  Our more local topics have been on the Boston mayoral race and Boston’s future, the plight of low-income fast-food workers, and the positive impacts of the Youth Violence Prevention program created and administered by the Boston Foundation. 

The following link is to an article by Hope Yen of the AP.  This article was on ABC News, Fox News, Politico,  Huffington Post, the Boston Globe, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the Kansas City Star,  thinkprogress,  Salon, the Washington Examine, and many more leading national and local publications.  In addition to Andy’s work for the story, CLMS Associate Director, Ishwar Khatiwada is also quoted and contributed heavily to the work that went into this story.  Link:


 The following are more articles that featured Andy and the CLMS, in chronological order, since July of 2013.,0,3575610.story

Chicago Tribune, Fixing schools to fix Chicago

Wisconsin Public Radio, “Study Shows Widest Unemployment Gap Record” (live radio)

Wall Street Journal Online, “Wanted: Jobs for the New ‘Lost’ Generation”

Post-Gazette, “Pennsylvania fared slightly better when it came to summer jobs for teens”

WBEZ 91.5, “Morning Shift: Teens struggle to find jobs in tough economy”

The New York Review of Books, NYRblog, “America’s Jobless Generation”

The CAAL, a large national public charity, highlighted our work on the GED credential in their recent newsletter.

90.9 WBUR (Boston NPR affiliate), “Summer Slump:  Teens Struggle to Find Jobs”

South Boston Today, “Tale of Two Cities”

Boston Globe, “Menino bet big on summer jobs”

McClatchy, “Teen employment hits record lows, suggesting lost generation”

The American Prospect, “One Way to End the School-to-Prison Pipeline”

Boston Globe, “Local fast-food workers to join nationwide protest”

Boston Globe, “Poverty must be top priority for mayoral candidates”

Wall Street Journal, “Summer Jobs Elude Many Teenagers”

Wall Street Journal, Real Time Economics, “Elderly More Likely to be Employed Than Teens”

AFRO, “Youth Jobs Much More Than Paid Distractions Before a Diploma”

Lowell Sun, “For Bay State jobless, still a tough struggle”

Boston Globe, “Still tough for Mass. Teens to find summer jobs”

PBS Newshour, “Jobless Rate for Poor Black Teen Dropouts?  Try 95 Percent”