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Each year, the graduating class leaves a unique mark on Northeastern University, and this year will be no exception. This is your opportunity to make a difference at Northeastern. We invite you to continue this tradition by making a gift of $20.10 to an area that significantly impacted your college experience. Fund donations help support Northeastern programs and initiatives – many of which you have benefitted from!

Your donation will not only help the University maintain programs but continue its prosperous growth. US News & World Report, a publication that has much influence on the public’s perception of a university, quantifies the quality of one’s undergraduate experience by measuring alumni participation. Northeastern lags behind many of the other universities in the country in this vital ranking, but with your contribution, which will be counted as an alumni donation, we can build participation and strengthen our ranking. This not only creates a better University for the students who will continue our legacy, but will add value to the already prestigious degree that you will receive from the University.

Ways to Make Your Senior Gift

  1. Give online Now!
  2. Make a gift when one of your peers calls.
  3. Give at any of the Senior events
  4. Call the The Northeastern Fund at 617.373.5520
  5. Email
Office of Alumni Relations | Northeastern University | 716 Columbus Avenue, 190 CP | Boston, MA 02120 | 888-NUALUMNI
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