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Fulton publishes book on addiction treatment

Congratulations to Dr. Brian S. Fulton on the publication of his new book, Drug Discovery for the Treatment of Addiction: Medicinal Chemistry Strategies! The book will be available through Amazon and other book retailers on September 15, 2014.


Shapazian Scholars continue to impress

The department would like to thank Carole Sharpazian (LA’66, MS’72) for her continued support of our undergraduate students! Her tireless contributions to the co-op program has yielded amazing results, with former scholars continuing on to medical, dental and veterinary schools.


Smotkin to present at Operando V Conference in Deauville, France

Eugene S. Smotkin will present a Plenary Lecture at the Operando V Conference in Deauville, France, May 17 – 21. This is the 5th International Conference on Operando Spectroscopy. Professor Smotkin is known for being the first to obtain FTIR and X-ray absorption spectroscopy of electrochemical devices under normal operating conditions. Information is available at Faculty at Northeastern are encouraged to attend.

Fall Foliage

Visiting Speaker: Nobel Laureate Martin Karplus

Distinguished Professor and Nobel Laureate Martin Karplus presents, “Motion: The Hallmark of Life. From Marsupials to Molecules.”

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Kristian Teichert – A Goal to Reach and Teach High School Students

College and high school students learning together? The thought of this intellectual cross-pollination is intriguing and the results are even more interesting. According to Kristian Teichert, a second-year biochemistry student here at Northeastern, this might be the future of education.

Professor Barry Karger received the Arnold O. Beckman Medal and Award

A quarter cen­tury ago, Barry Karger and his team pub­lished research in the journal Pro­ceed­ings of the National Academy of Sci­ences that would help enable sci­en­tists to sequence the human genome. It marked the first time anyone had shown a reli­able and high-​​resolution ana­lyt­ical tech­nique for char­ac­ter­izing DNA molecules.

Jaylene Ollivierre

Probing Relationships between Protein Structure and Movement

Penny Beuning’s research is based on relationships. Proteins, DNA, RNA in a dance of scientific compatibility.

Fall Foliage

Chemistry students win Excellent Poster awards

Congratulations to several Chemistry & Chemical Biology students for their awards.

Fostering A Renewable Interest In Science

Frustrating, enigmatic and enlightening. That’s how Elise Miner describes her scientific research when striving to develop economically sustainable renewable energy sources.

3Qs: Drug Diagnosis

Bio­phar­ma­ceu­ti­cals, also known as bio­logics, are the fastest growing sector of the phar­ma­ceu­tical industry and most people living today will prob­ably take a bio­phar­ma­ceu­tical or know someone who takes one.

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