Chemistry Colloquia Series: Dr. Vahe Bandarian

bandarianWednesday, September 24, 2014 at 12:00PM

Dr. Vahe Bandarian, University of Arizona

Talk Title: “Deciphering the steps to 7-deazapurines one at a time”

Host: Professor Sunny Zhou

Dr. Bandarian utilizes tools of chemistry and of biology to elucidate the biosynthetic pathways by which deazapurine-containing metabolites are produced. Deazapurines are widely distributed in nature and play diverse biological functions, such as cofactors in redox reactions and antimicrobial agents. The goals of the research in my laboratory will be to identify the enzymes that catalyze individual steps in the biosynthetic pathways leading to the deazapurine-containing metabolites and to probe the catalytic mechanisms of these enzymes.

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