Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2013 (PDF)

Colloquium Committee Spring 2013: Ramya Parasuram, Francisca Seykere

January 16th

Dr. Adrian Whitty, Associate Professor of Biochemistry at Boston University; Boston, MA
Title: “Inhibiting Protein-Protein Interactions"
Host: Dr. Carla Mattos

January 30th

Dr. Christian Goldsmith, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Auburn University; Auburn, AL.
Title: “Designing Coordination Compounds to Tune the Regioselectivity of Alkane Oxidation and Directly Sense H2O2 by MRI”
Host: Dr. Rein Kirss

February 20th

Dr. Satya Reddy, Former Professor of Pediatrics at Brown University; Providence, RI.
Title: “Strategies for the synthesis of Novel Vitamin D Analogs: Lessons from Three Decades of Research on Natural Metabolites of Vitamin D”
Host: Dr. Paul Vouros

February 27th

Dr. Robert Moore, Professor of Physical and Polymer Chemistry, Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA.
Title: “Morphology – Property Relationships in Ion-Containing Polymers”
Host: Dr. Eugene Smotkin

March 4th


Dr. Todd Lowary, Professor of Chemistry, University of Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta.
Title:“Amphiphilic Mycobacterial Glycans: Synthesis, Biosynthesis and Lipid-binding Properties”
Dr. George O’Doherty

March 20th

Dr. Chris Douglas, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN.
Title: “Catalysis based on the insertion of transition metals adjacent to carbonyls: caboacylation, oxyacylation and hydroacylation of alkenes”
Host: Dr. George O’Doherty

March 27th

Dr. Jens Norskov, Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University; Stanford, CA.
Title: Catalysis for sustainable energy
Host: Dr. Sanjeev Mukerjee

April 10th

Dr. Chao‐Jun Li, E.B. Eddy Professor and Canada Research Chair, McGill University; Montreal, QC.
Title: “Exploration of New Reactivities for Synthetic Efficiency”
Host: Dr. Sunny Zhou

April 18th


Dr. Michael Jennings, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Alabama; Tuscaloosa, AL.
Title: “Synthesis of α and β-­‐C-­‐glycoside Natural Products via Oxocarbenium Cations”
Host: Dr. George O’Doherty


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