Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2013

March 20th

Dr. Chris Douglas, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota; Minneapolis, MN

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Title: “Catalysis based on the insertion of transition metals adjacent to carbonyls: caboacylation, oxyacylation and hydroacylation of alkenes”

Host: Dr. George O’Doherty



Developing catalysis based on the activation of traditionally challenging bonds has emerged as an active area of research in organometallic and organic chemistry. New bond activation chemistry could change the way synthetic chemists approach the construction of complex molecules by allowing non-traditional retrosynthetic disconnections to be made.  This presentation will focus on recent developments at Minnesota in the activation and functionalization of unstrained bonds adjacent to carbonyls.  Catalytic reactions are designed with an eye towards complexity-building reactions.  For example, the group 9 metal-mediated activation of the C-H bond of aldehydes, the C-C bond of ketones, and the C-O bond esters with late-metals enables hydroacylation, carboacylation, and oxyacylation processes of alkenes, respectively.  Our contributions to these processes will be presented.

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Updated 03/16/2013