Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2012

March 28th

Dr. Daniel Kirby, Associate in Conservation Science at Harvard Art Museums; Cambridge, MA


Title: "Cultural heritage, art conservation and analytical chemistry:
the intersection of art and science"




What were they covering up when they repainted Roy Lichtenstein’s outdoor sculpture “Three Brushstrokes?”
Did David Smith, the famous sculpture and artist, really use eggs and milk in his black and white sketches?
They say that James Castle, the “outsider” artist, made his own painting materials. Didhe really?
Were all those paintings wrapped together in brown paper and stored in a Long Island locker really painted by Jackson Pollock? A bright red car holds the key!
What’s really behind the peepholes in the Spanish doors that front Marcel Duchamp’s enigmatic work “Étant donnés?”
What unusual ingredient did Mariano Fortuny, the secretive Spanish fashion designer, use in his glamorous creations?
Questions like these come up all the time. Where am I? FBI lab? CSI lab? No! I’m in a conservation lab.
Let me tell you how analytical chemistry is being used to answer questions like these and help us understand our cultural heritage.

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