Colloquium Schedule: Fall 2010 (PDF)

Colloquium Committee Fall 2010: Antonella Mazur, Joslynn Lee

September 22nd

Dr. Dewey McCafferty, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Duke University, Durham, NC

Title: Mechanism and Chemical Biology of Flavin-Containing Lysine-Specific Histone Demethylase LSD1/KDM1

September 29th

Dr. Carolyn Lee-Parsons, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Northeastern University, Boston, MA

Title: Engineering the Production of Medicinal Natural Products from Plant Cell Cultures

October 13th

Dr. Lisa Marzilli, 2010-2011 Distinguished Alumnus Lecture, Senior Principal Scientist of Analytical Research & Development, Biopharmaceutical Mass Spectrometry Pfizer, Andover, MA

Title: Discovery of Unique Glycosylation Structures in Biotherapeutic Protein

October 27th

Dr. Richard Mendelsohn, Professor II at Rutgers University, NJ

Title: Vibrational Spectroscopy and Microspectroscopy Imaging: Applications to Skin Pharmacology and Wound Healing

November 10th

Dr. Arthur Horwich, Professor of Genetics and Pediatrics at Yale University, New Haven, CT

Title: Protein Folding in the Cell and Misfolding in SOD1-linked ALS

November 17th

Dr. Andrew Bocarsly, Professor of Chemistry at Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. Founder, Liquid Light INC.

Title: Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide and Water to Organics: Single Electron Redox Catalysis of a Multielectron Process

December 1st

Dr. Steven Kozlowski, Director of Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) for the FDA.

Title: Regulatory Issues in the Approval of Biopharmaceutical Drugs

December 8th


Dr. Jason McConville, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas College of Pharmacy at Austin

Title: Nanoparticles vs. Pulmonary Aspergillosis 


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