Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2011

February 23rd

Dr. Paul Hanson, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Kansas; Lawrence, KS


Title: Phosphate-Mediated Processes in Natural Product Synthesis




The development of phosphate tethers for small molecule synthesis has revealed their use as removable, functionally active tethers that are fundamentally different from widely used silicon-based variants. These
tethers are capable of multipodal coupling and multivalent activation and serve as latent leaving groups in selective cleavage reactions. Application of this method to the synthesis of a number of bioactive compounds is reported and will highlight the versatile nature of this tether for small molecule synthesis.

The rapid access to collections of diverse molecules in desirable quantities and purity for high-throughput screening is an important challenge in drug discovery. In this regard, methods that integrate synthesis and purification have become powerful tools in the arena of facilitated synthesis. A second feature of this talk will focus on the production of a number of ROMP-derived high-load, phosphorus-based oligomers with tunable properties for use in the production of sultam libraries.

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NIHMS255853 (PMC in Progress)
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