Colloquium Schedule: Spring 2011

February 9th

Dr. Rosina Georgiadis, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Boston University, NSF career award recipient in 1997; Boston, MA


Title: Surface plasmon resonance imaging: where are we now?




In this talk I will briefly review recent work from my laboratory using angle-resolved surface plasmon resonance imaging (SPRi) for traditional biosensor applications such as studying DNA interaction kinetics and thermodynamics as well as for other applications such as characterizing how nanoparticle optical properties change near metal surfaces.  I will also discuss the pitfalls and difficulties inherent to biosensor measurements as presented in the literature especially for complex protein systems and show unpublished results using 2-color SPR and SPRi applied to the study the tumor necrosis factor TNFalpha/TNF receptor system.

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Updated 02/04/2011