Online Experiential Learning

Northeastern is making the virtual classroom more dynamic, connected, and real by integrating the professional workplace in over 60 online & hybrid degree programs with over 6,500 students taking online courses globally.

Working with learning experts and industry partners, Northeastern is the first university to create an online education model that is driven by cognitive science, informed by employers, and powered by experiential learning.

Our global network of nearly 3,000 employers provides students in our online programs with rich opportunities for real-world understanding—through collaboratively developed curricula, cooperative education placements and corporate residencies, case studies, and special projects.

This best-in-class model gives students unmatched insight into their studies – a professional perspective that prepares them to lead, and not just keep up.

Online experiential learning is grounded in the university’s tradition of leadership in educational innovation.

  • For more than a century, Northeastern has enriched learning by integrating classroom study with professional experience in its signature cooperative education program and other experiential opportunities.
  • The university’s library of online and hybrid degrees is among the largest of any private research university in the U.S.
  • Our global network of employers, researchers, and graduate campus hubs connects our programs and our students to the fields of knowledge that will drive the 21st century economy.