The Northeastern Advantage

Northeastern University brings more than a century of experience to forging partnerships that make our educational approach more powerful and our university more innovative.

Today, our partnerships expand outward from Boston, to hundreds of communities in the United States and more than 90 other countries around the world. This includes nearly 3,000 organizations in business and finance, healthcare and law, education and research, and community service and government.

These partnerships are the backbone of an education grounded in experiential learning.

Experiential learning transforms “global” and “innovation” from concepts to actions, makes our students and our degree programs more interactive, and invigorates an approach to research that translates new knowledge into solutions.

A university engaged with the world is in tune with the needs of its students. In today’s rapidly changing economic landscape, Northeastern offers flexible, challenging degree programs that connect students with emerging fields, make them problem solvers in the global economy, and prepare them for a lifetime of learning—in Charlotte and beyond.