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We offer graduate certificate programs—online and on-campus—aligned with industry and career demands.

Stay Current. Stay Competitive. Stay Networked.

In today’s fast-moving and hyper-competitive marketplace, employers expect employees and job applicants to demonstrate a dedication to keeping pace with the latest advances and practices in their industry. Northeastern University–Charlotte offers graduate certificate programs that help you stay current, stay competitive, and stay Networked for Advancement in your current or future career.

Each of Northeastern’s certificate programs is comprised of four to six graduate-level courses focused on a specific concentration within a field of study.  Depending on your needs and career goals, these specialized programs can:

  • enhance your skills and professional expertise.
  • boost your career advancement potential.
  • facilitate the development of new skills, if decide to change jobs or industries.
  • help you stand out on an application for employment.
  • serve as a gateway to a master’s degree program.
  • preview an area of study prior to committing to a master’s degree program.
  • extend your pursuit of life-long learning.

Like every academic program offered at Northeastern University–Charlotte, graduate certificate programs are closely aligned with high-demand industries in the region. Depending on the individual program, they are available 100% online or in a blend of online and on-campus learning. Both formats offer you maximum flexibility and convenience to pursue your professional goals without sacrificing personal needs and responsibilities. Plus, if you elect to pursue an advanced degree after successful completion of a certificate program, course credits may be transferred to a related Northeastern master’s degree program.

Networked for Advancement

When you enroll in a Northeastern University–Charlotte graduate certificate program, you join a network of business leaders, alumni, and students that extends to organizations across the street and around the world. That means you will be connected to an active, committed network of professionals and peers who can help you open the right doors throughout every phase of your career.

Become a Northeastern student.  Join the network and discover the difference it can make when you are Networked for Advancement, for Success, and for Life.

Graduate Certificate Programs



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