Our degree programs are designed to let each student choose from online and hybrid learning options. We make every effort to offer courses in a variety of formats, however enrollments determine course offerings from term to term. We strongly encourage you to discuss course options with your advisor or the Charlotte Academic and Student Support Specialist who will be aware of the current courses and format options for your program of study.

*Please view Northeastern University–Charlotte’s accreditation information.


Interested in our programs but think your background might not be a match? Consider our ALIGN program. Created specifically to prepare bachelor’s degree holders for high-demand industries, regardless of their experience or undergraduate major, ALIGN offers custom curricula in hybrid formats on all our campuses and includes the benefits of our co-op experience and Northeastern’s global network.

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Our degree programs in business prepare students in fields helping to drive the economy of the greater Charlotte region, a hub of the financial world.  Business-focused programs offer the academic quality and flexibility that busy professionals need to advance their career and life goals. Featuring one of the best online MBA programs in the country along with cornerstone programs in finance and taxation, Northeastern University–Charlotte will enable you to take on any leadership challenge with confidence.


The challenges for educational institutions, government agencies, and the nonprofit sector in general have never been greater: shifting demographics, the opportunities and risks inherent in new technologies, and constrained economic resources, to name a few. Northeastern University–Charlotte’s degree programs will help you make a difference in fields that are critical to the public welfare.

Government & Civic Engagement

At a time when agencies, leaders and managers are under increased scrutiny, civil and governmental leaders need to be effective and efficient leaders, communicators, and analytical thinkers. Northeastern University–Charlotte is offering programs that will enable you to have a successful career in areas such as criminal justice and public administration.


For those looking to grow in career paths that are critical to society, Northeastern University–Charlotte offers outstanding advanced degrees in healthcare fields. Whether it’s keeping pace with transformative technologies in health-care delivery or making a difference in the world of drug approval and regulation, we’ll help you stay competitive while pursuing your passion.

Leadership & Management

As the world grows more competitive and complex, the need for effective leaders and managers has never been higher, especially in growing fields. Northeastern University–Charlotte offers degrees that will prepare you for high-demand leadership roles in areas ranging from economic development and international affairs to professional and collegiate athletics.

Science, Technology & Engineering

From the intricacies of cyber-security to the advancement of new energy systems, Northeastern University–Charlotte will help you navigate your future in the growth sectors of the new economy. Innovation in fields like information technology, engineering, manufacturing, and clean energy are poised to make a significant impact on the next generation of consumers and organizations.

Graduate Certificate Programs

If now is not the right time for you to enroll in a Northeastern University–Charlotte master’s degree program, but you know that advanced study will enhance your skills and career potential, consider our graduate certificate programs.

Keep pace with the latest advances in your field. Develop new skills and insights. Discover how Northeastern University’s global network of active, committed professionals keeps you Networked for Advancement. Plus, apply your certificate credits to the related Northeastern master’s degree program when the time is right!

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