About Northeastern

Northeastern is a top-tier global research university, and the recognized leader in experiential learning, anchored in the world’s largest and most innovative cooperative education program. We offer students opportunities for professional work, research, service, and global learning in more than 90 countries. The university’s use-inspired research enterprise is strategically aligned with three global imperatives: health, security, and sustainability. Northeastern offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees through the doctorate in eight colleges and the School of Law, and select advanced degrees at graduate campuses in Seattle, WA, and Charlotte.

History and Leadership

From its founding in 1898 as the Evening School of the YMCA, Northeastern has been engaged with its community—initially, working families in Boston and nearby cities and towns who knew that education was the path to success.

The university added a vital dimension to community engagement with the establishment of its cooperative education program in 1909, starting with four co-op employers: three railroads and the local gas utility. Then, as now, students alternated periods of classroom study with periods of professional work related to their major or career path.

As the university has grown over the decades, so has the breadth of our community, and our level of engagement. Today, co-op is the core of the world’s largest experiential learning program, which extends to more than 2,700 employers in more than 90 countries.

Northeastern’s leadership in experiential learning is the foundation of its leadership in developing global educational and research partnerships around the world—and the graduate campuses in Charlotte and Seattle, WA, are the latest manifestation of that leadership. Just as in 1898, Northeastern is engaging with communities in partnerships devoted to advancing education and economic growth.

Northeastern and Charlotte: A Powerful Outcome

Northeastern University and Charlotte share unique momentum: Northeastern in higher education, and Charlotte in the world of global business and economic development. Our partnership will increase that momentum and provide transformative opportunities for students in the classroom and beyond that inspire them to delve deeper, sharpen their focus, and pursue greater career challenges.

Educational attainment continues to be a top priority for Charlotte as the city extends its global economic reach and economic growth. Northeastern brings the full resources of a top-tier, globally focused private research university to the region—along with a network of corporate and research partners—expanding opportunities for human capital development and advancing business recruitment and retention.

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