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Admissions & Student Services

Charlotte Campus

Admissions and Enrollment Team

Tammy McNish
Assistant Director of Admissions and Community Engagement
Social Sector: Educational institutions (K-12 through higher ed.), nonprofit organizations, government, sports and tourism organizations

Meighan Avalos
Assistant Director of Admissions and Industry Engagement
Industrial Sector: Aerospace & defense, energy, engineering, construction, logistics and distribution, manufacturing

Diosa Adams
Enrollment Coordinator

Campus Administration and Operations

Dr. Cheryl Richards
CEO and Regional Dean

Dr. Peg Bernhard
Associate Dean

Roxanne Ward
Campus Administrative Officer

Marjorie Belizaire
Administrative Assistant

Clinical Partnerships

Noel Humphreys
Vice President, Corporate and Clinical Partnerships
Healthcare Sector: Hospitals, clinics, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Corporate Partnerships

Brian Love
Business Development Officer

Student and Faculty Services & Space Rental

Carlie Houchins
Director of Student Affairs & Faculty Services


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