Pilot Projects

Pilot Project #1: Year 2010-2011

Lipid-Modified Polyethyleneimine: A Versatile Platform for Enhanced Gene Delivery and Sirna-Mediated Silencing

Pilot Project #2: Year 2011-2012

Alternative Micelle-Like Nanoparticles for Co-Loading of Sirna and Poorly Soluble Drugs

Pilot Project #3: Year 2012-2013

Modifying RF ablation-induced upregulation of Interleukin-6 using nanocarrier-based anti-IL6 siRNA

Pilot Project #4: Year 2013-2014

Hypoxia-sensitive long circulating multifunctional nanopreparations for siRNA delivery

Pilot Project #5: Year 2014-2015

Alternative All-in-one multifunctional nano-device for microRNA and Paclitaxel co-delivery to tumors based on stimuli sensitive and cell penetrating peptides



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