Core B


Core Leader: Professor Craig Ferris
Core Manager: Dr. Praveen Kulkarni
Animal Imaging Coordinator: Ms. Tara Stolberg

The imaging capabilities at the Center for Translational NeuroImaging at Northeastern University (CTNI) offer unique capabilities for the visualization of nanopreparations in vivo.

The CTNI houses the following Imaging Resources for MRI studies and molecular imaging:

  • High-resolution microSPECT/CT NanoSPECT/CT, Bioscan, Inc.);
  • 7T MR system (BioSpec, Bruker Biospin, Inc.).

With extensive experience in onco-based imaging protocols, the imaging core enables the assessment of kinetics and dynamics of radio-labeled nanopreparations via SPECT and PET as well as nanopreparations for contrast enhanced MR studies. Multi-modal data acquisition support projects in drug development, intervention monitoring, disease diagnosis and tracking, and functional imaging. In addition to instrumentation and protocol development, the core offers a library of analysis functions for longitudinal studies of animal models of disease. Such functionality focuses on the tracking of nanopreparations via standard in vivo and ex vivo biodistribution analysis as well as novel sub-organ and sub-tumor metrics of distribution.

Co-registered SPECT/CT imaging data showing the uptake distribution of 111In-labeled targeted-liposomes in a PC3 xenograftmodel, 3 hours post-injection

Specific serviced provided by the imaging core:

  • Computational service of the communication, computation and visualization needs of the CTCN projects.
  • Coordination of all tasks associated with computer-driven data acquisition, networked communications, numerical data analysis, and visualization for the imaging projects.
  • Accessibility of state of the art commercial, public domain and in-house developed image analysis/processing and visualization software running on both Windows and Linux platforms for all  CTCN researchers.
  • Accessibility of the Imaging Core workstations for computationally intensive tasks through VNC connection for the laboratory of each CTCN researcher. Researchers will be able to analyze and display data from anatomic, spectroscopic and functional imaging studies.
  • Real-time access to data via the web-based repository along with remote scheduling and study-planning capabilities.
  • Contact:

    Marina Sheynina
    Phone: 617-373-6004
    Fax: 617-373-7509