The main objective of the Center for Translational Cancer Nanomedicine is to develop, test pre-clinically in vitro and in vivo, characterize, scale up and manufacture under GMP conditions test batches of the most promising nanopreparations for cancer. Nanocarriers will include polymeric micelles, liposomes, polymeric particles, and dendrimers, while the drugs to be used will include pro-apoptotic agents, DNA, and siRNA together with diagnostic labels.

Led by Principal Investigator, Vladimir Torchilin, Ph.D., D.Sc, and Co-Principal Investigator, Nahum Goldberg, M.D the CTCN will provide rapid translation of the bench studies of a broad set of nanomedicines for cancer with in-depth physico-chemical, in vivo disposition and imaging studies into a real industrial product by developing the appropriate technologies and scaling them up for manufacture of test batches of candidates for preclinical and clinical evaluation under GMP/GLP conditions.

The CTCN will create and supply appropriate “starting materials”; establish proof-of-concept through in vitro studies; conduct pharmacologic studies with animal models; perform a variety of in vivo model studies; provide quality assurance; and develop production schemes for a broad set of nanoprepartions for cancer treatment and diagnosis.
The Center is organized for the rapid scale-up and development, under GMP/GLP conditions, of the drugs shown in the lab to be effective anti-tumor agents. It will provide the quality and quantity of drug candidates necessary for prompt, meaningful clinical trials.

The CTCN consists of the following four projects:

  1. Combination Anticancer Nanopreparations of Novel Proapoptotic Drug and siRNA;
  2. Combined Cancer Therapy with RF Ablation and Drug-Loaded Nanopreparations;
  3. Multi-Modal Gene Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer Using Targeted Nanovectors;
  4. Development and High Throughput Screening of Targeted Anticancer Nanomedicines;

And is supported by the following four cores:

  1. Physico-Chemical Nanocharacterization (PCNC);
  2. Imaging;
  3. Scaling up and Manufacturing;
  4. The Education and Outreach activities.

The CTCN will attempt to develop a continuous path from basic research to industrial production of cancer nanomedicines. The CTCN’s team incorporates the outstanding investigators who have a great expertise in the relevant technology or biology.

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    Marina Sheynina
    Phone: 617-373-6004
    Fax: 617-373-7509