2011 Pilot

Northeastern Center for Translation Cancer Nanomedicine (CTCN)
Pilot Projects

This is an internal funding opportunity for established Northeastern University faculty.

Center for Translational Cancer Nanomedicine (CTCN) at the Northeastern University is soliciting proposals for pilot projects in cancer nanomedicine.

Proposed topic of 2011 Pilot project will be: “Alternative micelle-like nanoparticles for co-loading of siRNA and poorly soluble drugs“. Please visit the CTCN website: http://www.northeastern.edu/ccne/

Established investigators (Applicants must have a current position at Northeastern University). Preference will be given to those investigators who are not currently involved with CTCN. All applications, regardless of relationship to CTCN, will undergo the same level of scrutiny before being identified as an appropriate Pilot Project.

  • Proposals will be evaluated by the CTCN Executive Committee.
  • Pilot project investigators will be obligated to attend and present their work at NU-CCNE meetings and annual site visits.
  • Support of up to $64,996 per year direct costs may be requested for graduate student support, postdoctoral fellows or technicians, and supplies. Applicants may have the option to re-apply for a second year of support.
  • Applications should not exceed five pages, using Arial 11 point font and 1/2 inch margins and should contain the following sections:
  1. Nanotechnology Innovation (1- 2 sentences)
  2. Specific Aims
  3. Background with preliminary studies (3 pages with figures)
  4. Experimental Design
  5. References
  6. Budget for 12 month
  7. NIH Biosketches
  • Applications should be submitted as a single PDF file to: Marina Sheynina (m.sheynina@neu.edu)

Application Deadline: December 15, 2011

Anticipated Project Start Date: February 16, 2012

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  • Contact:

    Marina Sheynina
    Phone: 617-373-6004
    Fax: 617-373-7509