Successful Projects

Please explore our gallery of successful Catalyst projects below. None of these projects would have gotten off the ground without the help of people just like you! So please take a moment to browse through our current projects and support our innovative and entrepreneurial students.

View each project to see updates on the progress of implementation.


Project One

Student Cluster Competition 2015| NU Computer Architecture Research Lab

Help send us to Austin, TX for the annual student cluster competition!

Funded 120% funded

$3,000 raised!


Project One

National Dance Alliance Camp | NU Dance Team

Help our team win a bid to NDA's nationals by attending their camp this summer!

Funded 127.50% funded

$1,275 raised!


Project One

Sustainability in Muñoz, Puerto Plata | Social Enterprise Institute

Help Northeastern students grow a cacao garden in collaboration with local community members in the Dominican Republic to support them in generating a sustainable income.

Funded 181.50% funded

$1,815 raised!


Project One

Service-Learning in South Africa | Social Enterprise Institute

Help us exceed our stretch goal by July 3 to invest in social enterprises in Cape Town, South Africa!

Funded 210.00% funded

$6,700 raised!


Project One

Fleet Raiser | Northeastern University Sailing

Help our team reach the cutting edge of competition by expanding our fleet of FJs!

Funded 305.94% funded

$15,297 raised!


Project One

Tournament Travel | Northeastern Women's Club Lacrosse

Show the country what Huskies are made of by supporting us on our journey to nationals!

Funded 100.00% funded

$2,500 raised!


Project One

NUSC New Equipment 2015| Northeastern Men's Soccer Club

Help give us the edge we need to get back to Nationals in 2015!

Funded 105.00% funded

$2,100 raised!


Project One

Care for Kenya | Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Help NU athletes provide opportunities, support, and hope for school children in Kenya.

Funded 112.65% funded

$2,253 raised!


Project One

Collegiate National Championship | Northeastern University Triathlon Team

This year, 15 of our racers qualified for Nationals and you can help get them there!

Funded 390.00% funded

$9,750 raised!


Project One

Is Nationals Ready for NUCA? | Northeastern University Cricket Association

Be part of history and help send the first Northeastern cricket team to nationals!

Funded 100.00% funded

$2,000 raised!


Project One

AMA International Collegiate Conference | Northeastern University Marketing Association

Help us showcase Northeastern at the AMA International Collegiate Conference.

Funded 100.00% funded

$1,000 raised!


Project One

2015 Spring Training Showcase | Northeastern University Club Baseball

Help send the Huskies to the National Club Baseball Association Spring Training!

Funded 100.00% funded

$1,502 raised!


Project One

Help Us Travel to Nationals! | Northeastern Alpine Ski Team

Help us make the trek to Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, for the 2015 USCSA National Championships!

Funded 340.62% funded

$5,450 raised!


Project One

Collegiate National Championship| Northeastern Women's Club Volleyball

Help us prove that Huskies are a force to be reckoned with at the national level!

Funded 138.00% funded

$2,070 raised!


Project One

Huskies vs. Red Sox| Northeastern Varsity Baseball

Support your Huskies and their annual trip to Florida to play the Boston Red Sox!

Funded 132.07% funded

$13,871 raised!


Project One

NUMA Business Simulation Competition | Northeastern University Marketing Association

Challenge Northeastern students head-to-head to create the most profitable virtual business.

Funded 100.01% funded

$1,509 raised!


Project One

Collegiate National Powerlifting Championships | Northeastern Men's Powerlifting

Help prove that Northeastern University is the strongest in the nation!


103.00% funded

$1,030 raised!


Project One

Collegiate Powerlifting Nationals | Northeastern Women's Powerlifting

Send the largest women's powerlifting team in the county to Nationals!

Funded 139.08% funded

$3,432 raised!


Project One

American Collegiate Hockey Association League Fee | Women's Club Ice Hockey

Help us keep a Northeastern ice hockey tradition alive!

Funded 129.50% funded

$1,290.50 raised!


Project One

Collegiate National Championships | Northeastern University Men's Swim Club

Please support us as we work to keep Nationals affordable for all our swimmers!

Funded 127.00% funded

$1,270 raised!


Project One

Social Enterprise Capstone: Jamaica Field Study | Social Enterprise Institute

Give students hands-on experience in agricultural and social entrepreneurship that aims to combat poverty in Jamaica.

Funded 121.16% funded

$3,634.78 raised!


Project One

Triathlon Collegiate National Championship | Northeastern University Triathlon Team

Help us fund our trip to the Collegiate National Championship in Tempe, Ariz., this April!

Funded 364.93% funded

$5,255 raised!


Project One

Voice Lesson Scholarships | Northeastern University Choral Society

Help us reach our stretch goal so we may share our music with more people in our community.

Funded 236.00% funded

$1,180 raised!


Project One

Digitizing The Onyx Informer | John D. O'Bryant African-American Institute

Preserve a part of Northeastern's African-American history by digitizing the student-run newspaper, The Onyx Informer.

Funded 108.83% funded

$3,265 raised!


Project One

Battle of the Rockets Competition | NU American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Help us build a rocket for the 2014 National AIAA Battle of the Rockets Competition.

Funded 137.02% funded

$1,610 raised!


Project One

Rock the Boat | Northeastern Sailing Team

Help the Northeastern Sailing team sail into success by funding the purchase of two new set of sails!

Funded 163.75% funded

$2,620 raised!


Project One

National and Regional League Dues | Northeastern Alpine Ski Team

Help us fund our National and Regional League Dues for the 2014 season!

Funded 104.88% funded

$1,678 raised!


Project One

Husky Hugs | Student Alumni Association

Put a smile on the faces of local children in need of a “Husky Hug” this holiday season.

Funded 106.55% funded

$800 raised!


Project One

National Club Soccer Tournament | Men's Soccer Club

Help us travel to the National Club Soccer Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona!

Funded 100.00% funded

$2,000 raised!


Project One

Peacemaker Projects | Peace Through Play

Help us support K-8 students in their community Peacemaker Projects this spring and fund our fall 2014 initatives.

Support 203.00% funded

$1,525 raised!


Project One

Naman Shah Memorial Fund - Phase 3 | Social Enterprise Institute Alumni Association

"Laugh and the world will laugh with you." In loving memory of Naman Shah 1991-2012

Support 124.00% funded

$1,224 raised!


Project One

Squash Uniforms | Women's Squash Club

Help unify our team with shirts, skirts, and warm-up gear for the 2013-14 season.

Funded 100.00% funded

$1,200 raised!


Project One

College Squash Association Dues | Men's Squash Club

Help us reach our stretch goal of $4000 to fund additional costs for our 2013-14 season.

Support 180.28% funded

$3,110 raised!