College Squash Association Dues

Video produced by the Northeastern University Men's Squash Club 2013

The Northeastern Men’s Squash Club is looking to raise the full amount of our league dues this year so we can focus our remaining funds on much-needed team expenditures, including but not limited to, uniforms, equipment purchases, and travel. The dues for our league have doubled in the past two years and we are stretched thin to meet our required budget with player dues and school funds alone. Therefore, we have decided to kick off a very important fundraiser larger than any we have previously done. We hope that students, alumni, faculty, family, and friends of the program will all see the value in supporting our team’s ambitions. Without these funds, we will be unable to compete in the College Squash Association – meaning we will not have official ranked matches and will not get a chance to compete in Nationals in Boston this year, with many matches scheduled to be played at Northeastern.

Our Initial Goal - $1725

Our funding goal is $1,725. The entirety of this sum will go toward only one thing – our dues in the College Squash Association. For our team to compete in matches, receive a national ranking, and qualify for Nationals, we need to pay this full amount.

Our Additional Goal - $2275

While our participation in the College Squash Association each year is our primary fundraising objective, we are hoping to raise an additional $2275 to cover season expenses. We routinely pay approximately $375 per season for balls at home matches. We also believe that a strong team revolves around our unity and appearance both on and off the court. With so many new players on our squad this year, we hope to purchase a brand new set of warm-ups to keep the team looking professional and united during every match. We strive to represent Northeastern at the highest level and anticipate spending about $1900 on gear that reflects that ideal.

Your donations will not only help fund this season but will provide a solid financial footing for years to come as we endeavor to better both our program and the young men involved.

Thank you for your support!


About The Men's Squash Club

The men's squash club is now in its ninth year at Northeastern. We are currently ranked #43 in the nation among all teams and #14 among club teams. Our club continues to grow due to the surge of squash in the U.S. and the large number of talented international students joining the Northeastern community. Our club strives to not only improve our program but also our players’ excellence and commitment both on and off the court.

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