Water For Bbanda

Bbanda, Uganda is a beautiful and busy village in Central Uganda of over 1100 people who must carry dirty water for miles just to meet their basic needs. EWB-NEU has been working with the village since 2009 to establish two wells to provide potable water. The wells were completed in 2010, and now EWB-NEU is designing a distribution system to pump water around the village. Pumped water saves critical time so children can go to school and adults can work. Future educational and economic development in Bbanda depends upon the success of this water project.

Our Goal

EWB-NEU requests $2500 for travel for two students to Bbanda in August 2012 to assist in the implementation of phase one of the system. It costs EWB-NEU $1250 per student for travel expenses. Increasing funding allows us to send more students, which both provides for better engineering oversight during construction as well as provides two students with a life changing opportunity to work closely with the village.

Thank you for your support!

About Engineers Without Borders

Established in 2004, Engineers Without Borders at Northeastern University (EWB-NEU) is a student chapter of the national non-profit organization Engineers Without Borders-USA. We work for the belief that all people have a right to potable, easily accessible water. The group has completed projects in three communities in Honduras serving more than 600 people, and is progressing steadily with three current projects in Honduras and Uganda slated to increase the total number of people served to over 2,000. All work is completed by students and checked by local professional engineers.

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