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A Residency Program for Lawyers at Arizona State University

In summer 2013 Arizona State University will open a nonprofit teaching law firm to provide training to its recent law graduates. ASU aims to make its graduates more competitive with large law firms and likens its initiative to hospital residency programs.

Hastings Law to Students: 'There's too many of you'

Frank Wu, dean of the University of California Hastings College of Law, says that are too many law schools and law students. This comment comes in light of recent trends of downsizing law firms and decreasing salaries.

LSAC Fee Increases

On April 19, 2012, the ABA Journal announced a 15% hike in the LSAT test fee. Effective June 2012, the LSAC has increased testing fees from $139 to $160 per administration. Additionally, the cost of the credential assembly service, which all applicants must subscribe to for the law school application process, has increased from $124 to $155, and the cost of sending a credential assembly report has risen from $16 to $21 per school.  All told, the minimal cost a student must incur to apply to law school has risen from $279 to $336 – a sharp 20% increase.

ABA Journal

NALP Report on the Entry-Level Legal Market

Employment for 2011 law school graduates stands at just 85.6%, the lowest rate since 1994. Only 65.4% are employed in roles that require bar passage, and less than half have found legal jobs in private practice. This has been called “the worst entry-level legal employment market in more than 30 years.”

The Entry-Level Legal Employment Market after the Great Recession

Yale Law Professors Suggest Paying Law Students to Drop Out!

Ian Ayres and Akhil Reed Amar wrote an essay that argues — persuasively, some say — that paying students to quit law school could alleviate the numbers of graduates with six-figure law school loans who can't find a job that pays enough to cover the debt.

Hartford Courant

Decrease in Law School Applicants

As reported by New York University news, over the past three years, law schools nationwide have seen a spike in their application numbers as many sought out the institutions with the hopes of waiting out the recession. But for 2011, the Law School Admission Council reported a nearly 10 percent decrease in applications.


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