LGBTQ Students

LGBTQRecognizing that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex students and alumni may have some unique considerations in their work-related decisions, our career counselors are committed to helping LGBTQ students/alum with their specific concerns and issues.

As staff and allies, we strive to:

    • Honor and learn about each unique interpretation of self/gender/sexuality 
    • Help students/alums with questions they need assistance with
    • Approach every person with a holistic perspective and sincere intention
    • Be open to learning and growing a little more every day

We are also proud to share the honor of receiving the NACE Excellence Award for Diversity and Inclusion 2016 for all the work and dedication we do for the Reach (OUT) Conference LGBTQA+.  At Northeastern, we strive for diversity and inclusion for all, and this award affirms our leadership in this area.

Possible Career-Related Issues

      • Resumes (what information to include/not include)
      • Benefits (for you/ a same-sex partner)
      • Workplace facilities
      • Finding companies with non-discrimination policies
      • Selection bias
      • Sharing information about personal life
      • Revealing sexual orientation or gender identity to co-workers/supervisors

Since these are all difficult topics to deal with, please read common work-related questions.


How do I search for LGBTQ career resources?

There are several search engines designed specifically to help job seekers find LGBTQ-friendly employers, workplace information, and networking opportunities. Resources include Northeastern's LGBTQA Resource Center, and outside resources for rights in the workplace, job search related resources, various suggested professional organizations and social media groups that will be useful for networking and information.  Please see our LGBTQ career resources page.


How do I Assess Employers?

  1.)  Check Employer Websites

      • Read their EEO, hiring policies, or check any job posting to assess language—do these policies protect against discrimination because of sexual orientation, gender identity, characteristics, or expression?
      • Check their benefits policies (domestic partner benefits or transgender health coverage) for clues

   2.)  Check Other Sources

      • Personal network—Do you know someone who works there that you can ask?
      • LinkedIn and HuskyNation—Do any alumni work there that you can ask?
      •—Companies Reviews Section
      • Conduct a Search in the Human Rights Campaign Employer Database
      • Internet Searches (do employee complaints or discrimination issues come up on the company?)

   3.)  Assess Through Application Process

    • Assess the applications materials and if there are any disclosure forms/surveys
    • Ask about “diversity initiatives” in the interview