On-Campus Recruiting



On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) brings employers to Northeastern each fall and spring to recruit students for after-graduation jobs.

  • Search HuskyCareerLink (HCL) for jobs with upcoming on-campus interviews (OCR), which are identified by this icon: Icon
  • Apply for positions online, once you’ve posted a resume on Husky Career Link
  • Employers select candidates they want to interview and invite them by email to sign up for on-campus interviews
  • Interviews are held in Stearns. Prepare as carefully as you would for any interview. These interviews are usually 30 minutes. Dress is professional business attire.
  • Read the OCR Guidelines. If you don’t abide by the rules, you may be excluded from On-Campus Recruiting and potentially the use of Career Services

Why Look At OCR In The Fall?

  • Fall is the prime time for the majority of organizations that want to find the best students.  Start looking on HCL in September until you find your job
  • DO NOT ASSUME you have seen everything if you take one quick look and don't come back.  Opportunities are posted daily so there is always something new to investigate