Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience


Psychologists investigate and seek explanations for the behavior and mental life of individuals in addition to developing methods for promoting psychological well-being.  The psychology curriculum explores such topics as how brain function determines behavior; how we see, hear, and learn; what constitutes abnormal personality; how people develop emotionally and cognitively; and how individuals work in groups. A background in psychology helps prepare students for careers in teaching and research as well as in business, public and social services, education, mental health, law and medicine.
Behavioral Neuroscience focuses on the biological basis of human behavior. The program combines the disciplines of psychology and biology to provide an understanding of how the behavior of humans and other animals is controlled by physiological systems.

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Psychology Department

Job Titles

Advertising Assistant Market Researcher
Affirmative Action Officer Marketing Representative
Case Worker Mental Health Counselor
Child Development Specialist Organizational Psychologist *
College Admissions Counselor Pharmacologist *
Corporate Trainer Physician Assistant*
Corrections Officer Pre-Health: Medical, Dental, Vet
Criminologist * Psychiatrist*
Customer Relations Psychologist *
Drug Abuse Educator Public Relations Assistant
Employment Counselor* Rape Crisis Counselor*
Forensic Psychologist * Research Assistant
Fundraiser Social Worker*
Guidance Counselor* Teacher *
Human Resources Manager * Victims’ Advocate
Labor Relations Specialist

Positions that require additional education or training are indicated by a (*).

Job qualifications are based not only on degree program, but on skills and experience. Students should seek out as many experiential opportunities in their fields of interest as possible, including Co-op and internships.


Advertising/Marketing Companies Hospitals
Biotechnology Firms Human Service Agencies
Colleges and Universities Major Retail Firms
Community Health Centers Pharmaceutical Companies
Consulting Firms Public relations Firms
Court Systems Publishing Companies
Elementary & Secondary Schools Religious Organizations
Financial Firms Research Companies
Government Agencies


These sample titles can be used to research internship opportunities in the field.

  • Client Services
  • Child-Care Worker
  • Research Assistant
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Residential Counselor

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