Philosophy and Religion


Philosophy encompasses ideas and issues in every domain of human experience; and its methods apply to problems of an unlimited variety. The major in philosophy can develop critical thinking and writing abilities that are readily applicable to pursuits in other academic areas, useful in careers far removed from philosophy, and valuable in everyday social and personal life. The study of philosophy can profoundly affect both the thinking one does and the kind of person one is. The program in Religion offers students the opportunity to acquire an understanding of religious experience within its social, historical, literary, and political context. Students study specific religious traditions such as Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism and using a comparative approach they explore themes across faith traditions.

Concentrations: Philosophy:Law and Ethics, Religious Studies

Job Titles

Archivist Librarian*
Campus Religious Coordinator Lobbyist
Chaplain* Mediator*
Church/Temple/Mosque Administrator Paralegal
Counselor* Professor/Teacher*
Curator Public Policy Manager
Editor Publisher
Foreign Diplomat Religious Leader*
Human Resources Manager* Religious Education Teacher
Journalist Writer

Positions that require additional education or training are indicated by a (*).

Job qualifications are based not only on degree program, but on skills and experience. Students should seek out as many experiential opportunities in their fields of interest as possible, including Co-op and internships.


Advertising Agencies Political Parties
Advocacy Groups Public Relations Firms
Churches Publishing Companies
Colleges and Universities Retail Companies
Hospitals Religious Institutious
Insurance Companies Research Organizations
Law Firms Elementary/Secondary Schools
Libraries Synagogues
Government Agencies Think Tanks
Newspapers and Magazines


These sample titles can be used to research internship opportunities in the field.

  • Ethics and International Affairs Internship
  • Research and Cultural Outreach Internship
  • Community Engagement Internship
  • Religion and Conflict Resolution Internship
  • Religion and Diversity Education  Internship
  • Spiritual Leadership Internship

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