Modern Language and Linguistics


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Job Titles

Advertising copywriter


FBI agent


Editorial assistant


Customer service representative

Customs officer

Immigration officer

Foreign language teacher

Literacy programs coordinator

Public relations coordinator

Hospital administrator

Book critic

Commercial attaché

Management trainee

Market research analyst

Speech recognition specialist

Foreign news correspondent

Foreign service officer

International student advisor

Human resources administrator

International banker

Code analyst



Peace Corps worker

Technical writer

International trade specialist

Public opinion analyst

Import/export agent

Forensic document analyst


Police officer

Public health administrator

Radio/TV announcer

Social worker

Tour guide

Travel agent


Overseas aid agencies Financial institutions
United Nations Import/export firms
Law enforcement agencies Foreign firms in US
Foreign service Social service agencies
Library of Congress Museums K-12 schools
Foreign news agencies Hospitals
Professional language schools Travel agencies
US firms operating internationally  


Professional Associations

Find valuable industry information, job sites, and professionals in the field you may contact for informational interview requests and networking opportunities.

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
American Foreign Service Association
American Translators Association
American Association for Applied Linguistics
Linguistics Society of America

Campus Organizations & Activities

Northeastern University Linguistics Club
United Nations Association of Northeastern University
International Affairs Society
Pre-Law Society

Social Media

Sample Groups providing resources such as industry trends, company information, job listings, and networking opportunities within the field:

Yahoo! Groups

Print Resources

Careers for Foreign Language Aficionados
Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors
Jobs for People Who Love to Travel