Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Industrial Engineers determine the most effective ways for an organization to use the basic factors of production: people, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product or provide a service. They are the bridge between management goals and operational performance. They are concerned with increasing productivity through the management of people, methods of business organization, and technology. Although most industrial engineers work in manufacturing industries, they also work in consulting services, healthcare, and communications.

Mechanical Engineers research, develop, design, manufacture, and test tools, engines, machines, and other mechanical devices. They work on power-producing machines such as refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, machine tools, material handling systems, elevators and escalators, industrial production equipment, and robots used in manufacturing. The field of nanotechnology, which involves the creation of high-performance materials and components by integrating atoms and molecules, is introducing entirely new principles to the design process

Concentrations: Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanical Engineering: Biomedical Engineering and Biomechanical Engineering

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Job Titles

Chassis Systems Engineer Operations Engineer
Commissioning Engineer Plant Engineer
Design Engineer Process Engineer
Design Maintenance Engineer Process Engineer
Engineer Product Engineer
Engineering Manager Product Safety Engineer
Equipment Engineer Production Engineer
Industrial Engineer Solar Energy Systems Designer
Industrial Health Engineer Stress Analyst
Manufacturing Specialist Supply Chain Engineer
Mechanical Design Engineer Systems Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Tool Engineer


Aerospace Machine Tools
Airlines Manufacturing Industries
Construction Navigational, Measuring, Electro-medical
Consulting (Metals, Metallurgy) Nuclear
Consulting (Military, Textiles) Plant Operations
Electronics Power station
Federal Government Public Utilities
Hospitals and Health Care Transportation (all)


These sample titles can be used to research internship opportunities in the field.

  • Biomechanical Constructs
  • Sub-strate Free Constructs
  • Repair and Regeneration
  • Geotextile Tubes for the Sustainable Watering

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