Chemical Engineering


Chemical engineers apply the principles of chemistry and engineering to solve problems involving the production or use of chemicals, building a bridge between science and manufacturing. They design equipment and develop processes for large-scale chemical manufacturing, plan and test methods of manufacturing, treat the by-products of manufacturing and supervise production. Chemical engineers create drug delivery systems, numerical models for atmospheric pollution problems, as well as magnetic and electronic materials. They also work in a variety of manufacturing industries such as those producing electronics, photographic equipment, clothing, and pulp and paper.

Job Titles

Agricultural Engineer Geoscientists
Astronaut Microbrewer
Chemical Engineer Nuclear Engineers Soil & Water Conservationists
Engineer Manager* Nuclear Equipment Operations Technicians
Entrepreneur* Product Safety Engineer
Environmental Engineer* Regulator
Field Manager* Researcher
Positions that may require additional education or training are indicated by a (*). Job qualifications are based not only on degree program, but on skills and experience. Students should seek out as many experiential opportunities in their fields of interest as possible, including Co-op and internships.


Architectural Chemicals Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
Atomic Energy Natural Gas Distribution
Automotive & Airline Oil & Gas Extraction
Chemical Manufacturing Paper, Metals & Plastics
Cosmetic Pharmaceutical & Medicine Manufacturing
Department of Energy Research & Development
Engineering Research Hospitals
Environmental Protection Agency Resin, Synthetic Rubber, Artificial Synthetic
Fibers & Filaments Manufacturing Support Activities for Mining
Food & Beverage Textiles & Rubber
Management, Scientific & Technical Consulting


These sample titles can be used to research internship opportunities in the field.

  • Membrane Science Internship
  • Micro/Nano – Structured Materials,
  • Therapeutics, and Devices Internship
  • Nanobiotechnology Internship

The following websites may assist in finding summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs)

National Science Foundation 

To search for internship opportunities, log in to HuskyCareerLink, Career Services’ online job and internship bank for opportunities with employers seeking to hire NU students.


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