“CAREERSHIP” PROGRAM for Software Professionals

  • Employer in Residence: September 27

EMPIRIX will be in University Career Services’ office in the Stearns Center Thursday, September 27. 20 Minute appointments available from 11am to 4pm:  Call University Career Services (617-373-2430) to reserve your time.

This is your opportunity to meet one-on-one with EMPIRIX’ Dave Crowley to learn more about the company and its “CAREERSHIP” PROGRAM for Software Professionals.

  • Information Session: October 9

You can also learn more about this program by joining EMPIRIX’ Dave Crowley at an information session Tuesday, October 9, 6:30-7:30pm in 202 Stearns.

  • Apply by: October 10

To learn more about this opportunity, or to apply, check the “Software Developer – Network Communications” job posting in HuskyCareerLink at http://northeastern.experience.com/er/security/login.jsp.

  • On-Campus Interviews: October 18

EMPIRIX will be on campus October 18 to interview pre-selected applicants

Company Profile


EMPIRIX is a technology leader in the growing sector of telecom Service Performance Assurance solutions and network optimization. Mobile media is growing exponentially. The amazing explosion of mobile data and increasing global dependence on mobile devices has made traditional approaches to service quality obsolete. As the demand for apps, the mobile Web, and cloud-stored data continues to skyrocket there is an enormous impact on converged networks for quality of service of voice, video and data. EMPIRIX is the leading innovation developer of Service Assurance products for next-generation IP-based solutions.

EMPIRIX is committed to attracting entry level software engineers to enter the field of Telecom and network communications. We developed THE EMPIRIX “CAREERSHIP” PROGRAM and are partnered with Northeastern University to provide a Career Program for Software Professionals – integrating co-op, Internship, part-time work and academic research into a work-study framework and support the transition of CS & CE students into Software Development careers in the field of Telecommunications and Network Communications. While we offer flexible work schedules for NU students to develop skills through co-op programs, we also seek Full-time employees. Graduate from university, receive employment offer + and continue your education with EMPIRIX’ tuition reimbursement program.