About Us

Career Development Mission 

Northeastern University prides itself on having a top ranked career development department, that has been consistently ranked #1 or #2 by The Princeton Review since 2011 and #1 Career Services by College Magazine in 2014.  With over 250 programs and events each year and up to 3,000 co-op and full-time employer's, we strive to meet students', recent graduates and alumni needs through career advising, daily walk-ins, and individual appointments plus innovative and engaging workshops. Our experienced team is dedicated to developing unique opportunities for the Northeastern community.

  • 96% of students surveyed indicated that they made progress toward their career goals after one meeting with a career counselor in Career Development.
  • 100% of students surveyed indicated that they would return to Career Development for another advising meeting.
  • Career Development hosts one of the largest career fairs in the region, held twice a year (October and February.)
  • Career Development listed jobs at approximately 2,000 new companies for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  • 92% of students are employed or attending graduate school within 9 months of graduating.

Our Vision

The career development department provides personalized career guidance for undergraduate, graduate students and alumni. We have a multitude of resources and opportunities which help students, recent graduates and alumni to:

  • Choose a major and explore career options
  • Make career decisions that will engage them in productive and fulfilling work
  • Prepare for and conduct successful job and internship searches
  • Create meaningful and effective engagement with co-op and full-time employers
  • Contribute to meeting global and societal needs