LinkedIn Sample Profile Summaries

Justin Sollis

Victim Witness Advocate

Passion and diligence are two traits that I believe most reflect me as an individual. They are qualities that have driven me in my quest to advocate for and support those in need. Throughout my tenure as a Victim Witness Advocate and my time as a Criminal Justice major at Northeastern University, I’ve been faced with many challenges. Although both experiences are unique, I’ve found that the responsibilities I held could only be managed by an individual with resolve. This dedication and attentiveness are essential principles needed to improve not just a single community, but society as whole. Without enthusiasm, patience and some degree of positivity, we cannot bring about the change that is needed to better the lives of those who seek our aid.

While traveling to countries such as El Salvador, Cuba, and Dominican Republic I found that our Criminal Justice system is one that should be commended on its equality and service. I want to continue to be that beacon of service not only to victims of crime, but to the legal system in its entirety.

Jessica Yan

Research Scientist | Ph.D. Candidate | Data Analytics, Biotech, Pharma

I am a research scientist seeking to better understand how neural activity motivates and shapes human behavior. My expertise includes project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and the development and implementation of research tools. I love to generate new ideas and devise feasible solutions to broadly relevant problems. My supervisors and colleagues would describe me as a driven, resourceful individual who maintains a positive, proactive attitude when faced with adversity. Currently, I am seeking employment opportunities that will allow me to use my diverse skill set to develop and promote technologies that benefit human health. Specific fields of interest include data analytics, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.

Vanessa Moungar

Management Consultant | Public-Private Partnerships

Multi-faceted professional with 10 years of experience living, studying and working in international environments (Europe, US, Africa). Particular industry experience in strategy and business development across consulting, consumer goods marketing, and nonprofit sectors.

Pursuing Master’s degree in Management (2016 expected graduation), while conducting research on cross-sector collaboration in international development, new hybrid business models, and multi-stakeholder sustainability programs that deliver significant commercial and stakeholder value.

Professional objective of joining a values-driven organization, with potential to thrive and have maximum impact. Specific industries of interest: FMCG, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Management Consulting -- as well as International Organizations working at the nexus of the sectors

Specialties: Building bridges between people and organizations, shared value strategies, public-private partnerships, project management, negotiation, corporate social responsibility, rmerging markets, business development, marketing.

Steve Levy

("Old School" "New Cool") Recruiting (Player Coach Strategist Politician)

∎ Talent Community Builder and Pipeline Populating Magician

∎ An exceptionally creative hands-on recruiter who KNOWS the purple squirrels; a forward-thinking organizational development practitioner; and a tell-it-like-it-really-is career adviser

∎ Hands-on leadership in startups, growth, and turnaround organizations covering strategic and workforce planning, systems, processes, and analytics/metrics

∎ Talent acquisition from mail room to board room

∎ Any tech, any ATS, any challenge, any day...

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