Michael Lueger

Part-Time Lecturer

Michael holds a PhD and an MA in Drama from Tufts University and a BA in Theatre and English from the College of the Holy Cross. He has taught world drama, modern drama, theatre and society, and acting at Tufts and Emerson College.  He has presented at a variety of conferences including the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, the Mid-America Theatre Conference, American Literature Association, American Society of Theatre Research. He is a member of the American Theatre and Drama Society.

Michael’s recent research and scholarship focuses on celebrity actors in nineteenth-century American theatre. His work on French playwright, poet, actor, and philosopher Antonin Artaud and the “dancing plagues” of medieval Europe and pre-colonial Madagascar will appear in the new edition of the Oxford Handbook of Dance and Theater. Other publications include a study of women’s roles in film adaptations of O’Neill’s plays for the Eugene O’Neill Review; and an analysis of the influence of Jesuit theatre on the baroque in Moliere’s time in the Journal of Religion and Theatre. His experiential theatre work ranges from serving as a dramaturg and assistant director to appearing in the Redfeather Theatre Company’s productions of As You Like It and Richard III.

Michael’s favorite plays are As You Like It and A Winter’s Tale. He teaches Theatre and Society and Theatre History: Greek Tragedy to Romanticism.

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