A laboratory for the theatre of tomorrow.
A place to experiment and take risks.
An artistic home for the theatre tribe.


A great Northeastern tradition now in its 80th year, Silver Masque is the student-sponsored branch of the Department of Theatre. Self-governed by Northeastern students, the Masque regularly presents performances and workshops outside of the traditional classroom setting.  It is open to all student theatre-lovers who are imaginative, entrepreneurial, and independent.

Silver Masque invites students to push beyond their self-imposed boundaries and provides a supportive, open, creative environment where they can present personal, experimental, and emerging work to one another. New plays, comic sketches, improv, drag, scenes, songs, monologues, dances. Take off your masque and reveal your artistic self.

Silver Masque Programs

Fortnight: Every two weeks there is a late night performance featuring work acted, directed, and designed entirely by students.

Workshops: About once a month, enjoy gatherings with alumni, faculty, or professional guest artists on topics such as auditioning, acting techniques, or creating your own theatre company.

Spotlight: April 23, 2015
At the end of the academic year, students select their favorite moments from Fortnight and present them to the Northeastern community.


Silver Masque is led by 20 core members and elected officers. For the 2014-15 academic year they are:

President: Victoria Oggioni
Vice President: Derek McCormack
Secretary: Grant Terzkis
Treasurer: Jillian Goeler
Technical Director: Alex Velto
Marketing Director: Hanne Larsen
Marketing Team: Pablo Hernandez Basulto and Megan Maloney
For more information about joining Silver Masque, contact silvermasqueneu@gmail.com.