Art of the Theatre: Setting the Stage

THTR 1101-02
Expand your knowledge of theatre by taking the page-to-stage artistic journey of actors, designers, directors, and playwrights. Discover different dramatic genres through an overview of theatre history and play readings. This class features acting exercises and play-going both on campus and in Boston. Taught by British actor Alex Jacobs • NU Core: Arts level 1.
MWR 4:35-5:40, Ryder Hall, 4 Credits
Also available MWR, 10:30-11:35


Theatre and Society: Plays that Changed the World

THTR 1210
Experience the great social visionaries of theatre, and discover how society has influenced the thought and craft of playwrights, actors, and theorists. Can a play really change our lives? How has the evolution of society and thought changed the nature of drama? Includes discussion, lecture, and live performance as integral elements in the course. Taught by Dr. Mike Lueger. • NU Core: Arts level 1.
MWR, 1:35-2:40, 4 credits


Actors and Acting: Performance for Non-Majors

THTR 1130-02
Enjoy the discovery of the principles of stage acting: focus, relaxation, voice and movement, improvisation, and collaboration with others. No experience required. Just imagination, passion, and a desire to get into the act. Taught by actor, dancer, and fight choreographer Samantha Richert. M,W, 2:30-4:30, Ryder Hall, 4 Credits


Intermediate Acting: Beat by Beat

THTR 2344-01
Explore the actor’s world of emotional freedom by performing scenes and monologues from significant works of contemporary and modern drama. This course focuses on in-depth development of character and ensemble as well as creating acting choices that are dynamic and active. Joining Northeastern especially for this course is award-winning professional actor Maurice Emmanuel Parent. Maurice’s recent credits include Into the Woods, The Color Purple, Romeo and Juliet, A Raisin in the Sun, RENT, Angels in America, and The Motherf**ker with the Hat. • Prerequisites: Actors and Acting (THTR 1130) or some previous acting experience (email department chair for approval: s.edmiston@neu.edu).
TF, 3:25-5:05, Ryder Hall, 4 Credits