The Boston Theatre Experience

THTR 2335 (4 SH)
Enjoy Boston area productions featuring a dynamic and diverse range of styles and genres. Through preparatory readings and lectures, combined with post-play assessments and interactions with professional theatre artists, discover what’s happening on- and off-stage in contemporary theatre. Ticket fees and attendance at plays outside of class time are required. Taught by visiting faculty Bridget O’Leary, Associate Artistic Director of the New Repertory Theatre.


Musical Theatre Technique: You Can’t Stop the Beat

THTR 3570 (4 SH)
Try defying gravity. Through solo songs, musical scenes and group dance numbers, discover how acting choices unlock a musical theatre performance. Explore songs and scenes from the classics (Rodgers and Hammerstein, Cole Porter), the innovators (Sondheim, HAIR) and the new wave (Duncan Sheik, Green Day). Includes research on the context of the musical being performed and culminates in a semester-end showcase. Previous experience welcome but not necessary. Taught by Maurice Emmanuel Parent.


Activism and Performance

THTR 1215 (4 SH)
Change the world. Act up. Explore the intersection of theatre, politics, and social transformation by studying the artistic manifestos and experiencing the performances of fearless, passionate activist theatre artists who work in theatre, docudrama, ritual, dance, street theatre, and community generated performance. Culminates in the creation of an original activist performance. Taught by Dr. Mike Lueger. NU Core: Arts level 1.

Viewpoints: Perspectives for Performers

THTR 2346 (4 SH)
Think there is only one method? Change your viewpoint. Improvise dynamic staging through rigorous, physical training exercises and practice in each of nine viewpoints that represent areas of concentration. Viewpoints represent not only a physical technique but also a philosophical, spiritual, and aesthetic approach to acting. Taught by Jonathan Carr.

Movement - Copy

Voice and Movement 2

THTR 2347 (4 SH)
Strengthen your body and your voice in the pursuit of eloquent speaking and compelling presence onstage. Enhance your skills at breath capacity, resonance, coordination, stamina, and spatial awareness. Taught by Antonio Ocampo-Guzman. Prerequisite: THTR 1250.


Costume Construction: Patterns for Success

THTR 2385 (4 SH)
Calling all fashionistas! Whether you love the stage or the runway, develop the skills and techniques necessary for the patterning, cutting, and construction of costumes for the stage. Taught by Frances Nelson McSherry and Paula Ries, who will keep you in stitches.

Technical Theatre 2

THTR 2365 (4 SH)
Enhance your advanced technical skills in areas such as stage management, drafting, sound engineering, and technical direction. Includes production work on the spring semester departmental shows. Taught by visiting faculty Jo Williams, Production Manager of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company.