Introduction to Theatre
THTR 1101 (4 SH)
Explore the artistry, ideas, and techniques of theatre artists. Go “behind-the-scenes” with both in-depth discussions and in-class performances. Includes a survey of significant movements in theatre history and analysis of diverse plays from contemporary drama. No theatre experience required.

  • NU Core: Arts level 1.

Introduction to Acting
THTR 1130 (4 SH)
Through theatre games and voice/movement exercises, discover and develop foundational acting skills. Memorize and perform scenes from plays. Designed especially for non-theatre majors; English language proficiency; acting experience welcomed but not required.

  • NU Core: Arts level 1.

Boston Theatre Experience
THTR 2335 (4 SH)
A dramatically new kind of experiential learning! Attend eight professional Boston productions ranging from contemporary comedies to cutting edge world premieres. Discover what’s happening on-and off-stage in contemporary theatre. Tickets and attendance of plays outside of class time are required.

Alien vs. Predator: A Devised Theatre Project
THTR 4882 Special Topics (4 SH)
Be a part of a collaborative ensemble who devises, rehearses, and performs an original production. Explore diverse performances styles alternative methods for making theatre. Includes evening rehearsals April 5-14 and culminates in public performances April 15-17.

  •  Prerequisite: Acting I or Introduction to Acting

Dancing Through History: Modern to Hip Hop
THTR 1150 (4 SH)
Explore dance in the twentieth century as both performance and history, including modern dance, jazz, American ballet, tap, African American dance, and hip hop. Rehearse and perform dance techniques of diverse styles and by significant choreographers.

  • NU Core: Arts level 1.

Stage Makeup
THTR 2360 (4 SH)
Experience the techniques used in makeup for the theatre, television, and films, including old age, horror, character, and corrective.

THTR 2330 (4 SH)
Creative Writing + Theatre = A Dramatic Awakening. Discover the creative dynamic of writing dialogue for the stage. Explore how a playwright develops characters, scene structure, themes, and action.  Culminates in the writing of an original one-act play performed by professional actors.

The Professional Voice
THTR 1160 (4 SH)
Enhance the quality of your spoken voice and the clarity with which you express yourself. Discover practical tools to relax you in public settings and improve your speech in professional and personal interactions. English language proficiency but no acting experience required.

  • NU Core: Arts level 1.

Technical Theatre 1
THTR 1131 (4 SH)
Develop a hands-on understanding of the areas of stagecraft — scenery and costume construction, production management, stage management, sound engineering, and lighting. Includes crew work for department productions. No theatre experience required.

Improvisation for Entrepreneurs
THTR 1125 (4 SH)
Enjoy a playful yet demanding environment in which to discover, understand, and optimize how to interact and communicate with others and to learn skills that are crucial to success in a myriad of professional enterprises.

  • NU Core: Arts level 1.

Costume Construction
THTR 2385 (4 SH)
Develop the skills and techniques necessary for the patterning, cutting, and construction of costumes for the stage.

Acting 3—Playing Shakespeare
THTR 3450 (4 SH)
Explores ways to bring the poetry and power of Shakespeare alive onstage. Play with verse in a variety of Shakespeare’s texts, including sonnets, scenes, and soliloquies.

  • Prerequisite: THTR 2342 and junior or senior standing; theatre majors and combined majors only.