Introduction to Acting THTR 1130 – CRN 10410 and 12576
Through theatre games and creative voice/movement exercises, develop foundational acting skills, and memorize and perform scenes from plays. Taught by Jesse Hinson and Paula Plum.
1:35-3:15 TF
2:50-4:30 MW
NU Core: Arts; NUpath Creative Express/Innov, Interpreting Culture

Singing for Musical Theatre THTR 4882 – CRN 18022
Explore the dynamic vocal repertoire of musical theatre. Work on solos and group songs focusing on characterization and emotional truth. Culminates in a showcase and counts toward the new Musical Theatre Minor. Taught by Jose Delgado. Open to first year students.
9:50-11:30 TF

The Professional Voice THTR 1160 – CRN 14094 and 17630
Enhance the quality of your spoken voice and the clarity with which you express yourself. Discover practical tools to improve your speech in professional and personal interactions. English language proficiency. Taught by Samantha Richert and Jesse Hinson.
9:50-11:30 TF
NU Core: Arts; NUpath Creative Express/Innov

Acting for Cameras THTR 2345 – CRN 17631
Explore the craft of performance on camera through monologues, scenes, and group projects. Discover techniques used by film and TV actors that free your energy with a foundation of spontaneous thought and truth. Taught by Dennis Staroslevsky.
11:45-1:25 MR

Improvisation for Entrepreneurs THTR 1125 – CRN 14903 and 15300
Discover theatre improv principles, games, and exercises in a playful and challenging environment. Learn to read and react to unexpected situations with confidence, agility, and teamwork. Taught by Jesse Hinson and Antonio Ocampo-Guzman.
1:35-3:15 TF
3:25-5:05 TF
NU Core: Arts; NUpath Creative Express/Innov

Design and Fashion

Costume Design THTR 2380 – CRN 14905
Enter the creative world of costume design for the stage. Discover how theatrical costumes reveal character, identify historical periods and illuminate visual concepts. Includes basic sketching and rendering techniques, historical research. Taught by Frances Nelson McSherry.
9:50-11:30 TF
NUpath Creative Express/Innov

The Evolution of Fashion and Costume THTR 1230 – CRN 14096
Experience fashion and costume evolved from Ancient Greece to the 21st century and examine the trends in their historical, cultural and economic contexts. Special emphasis will be placed on current trends and designers like Dior, Chanel, McQueen, Versace, McCartney, and more. Taught by Frances Nelson McSherry.
1:35-3:15 TF
NU Core: Arts; NUpath Interpreting Culture

Making Fashion THTR 2385 – CRN 18021
Develop the techniques for creating and using patterns and dress forms to create skirts, dresses, trousers, and tops. Covers construction, patterning, draping, and finishing techniques. Taught by Paula Ries.
3:25-5:25 TF

Dramatic Literature and Theory

Theatre and Society THTR 2340 – CRN 10989
Overviews how society influenced the thought and craft of playwrights, actors, directors, designers, and theorists. Pays careful attention to how the play’s ideas are translated into performance. Taught by Nancy Kindelan.
10:30-11:35 MWR
NU Core: Arts; NUpath Interpreting Culture, Societies/Institutions

From Script to Stage THTR 2325 – CRN 12248
Develop the skills used by theatre artists to analyze a script and awaken the meaning of a play for production. Examine structure, characters, symbols, and the historical/social context. Taught by Nancy Kindelan.
2:50-4:30 MW
NUpath Creative Express/Innov, Interpreting Culture