A minor in Theatre gives students a practical foundation in all aspects of the theatre including performance, music, design, and the history of the theatre.

For more information about NU Core requirements, course descriptions, and additional information see the Northeastern University catalog, maintained by the Registrar.

Required Courses

Complete the following five courses:

THTR 1101 Introduction to Theatre (4-SH)
THTR 1130 Introduction to Acting (4-SH)
THTR 1131 Technical Theatre 1 (4-SH)
THTR 1210 Theatre and Society (4-SH)
THTR 4701 Rehearsal and Performance (4-SH)

Elective Courses

Complete two of the following courses:

THTR 1270  Introduction to Theatrical Design (4-SH)
THTR 2300  Theatre History: Greek Tragedy to Romanticism (4-SH)
THTR 2325  From Script to Stage (4-SH)
THTR 2344  Intermediate Acting (4-SH)

Theatre Practicum

Complete the following course:

THTR 4804 Theatre Practicum (1-SH)