Theatre minors are important and fully engaged members of our theatre department and community. Minors may be interested in becoming professional theatre artists or looking for creative inspiration or enhancing their communication skills. No two student experiences are alike, and you can choose the path that matches your theatre interests and ambitions.

Requirements for the Theatre Minor – effective September 2015

Five courses (20 semester hours) and production experience


Complete the following two courses:

THTR 1101     Introduction to Theatre (4-SH)

THTR 1210     Theatre and Society (4-SH)

Choose any three of the following courses:

THTR 1130     Introduction to Acting (4-SH)

THTR 1131    Technical Theatre 1 (4-SH)

THTR 1160     The Professional Voice (4 SH)

THTR 1125     Improvisation for Entrepreneurs (4 SH)

THTR 1215     Activism and Performance

THTR 1270     Theatrical Design (4-SH)

THTR 2315     Rebels of Modern Drama (4 SH)

THTR 2330     Playwriting (4 SH)

THTR 2335     Boston Theatre Experience (4 SH)

THTR 2370     Lighting Design (4 SH)

THTR 2380     Costume Design (4 SH)

THTR 2320     Pioneers of American Theatre (4 SH)

THTR 2345     Acting for Camera (4 SH)

THTR 2346     Viewpoints (4 SH)

THTR 2300     Theatre History (4-SH)

THTR 2325     From Script to Stage (4-SH)

THTR 2344     Intermediate Acting (4-SH)

THTR 2365     Technical Theatre 2 (4 SH)

THTR 3570     Musical Theatre Technique (4 SH)

THTR 3460     Scenic Design (4 SH)


Participate in a theatre department production:

THTR 4804     Theatre Practicum (1-SH, repeated twice)


THTR 4701 Rehearsal and Performance (4-SH)


NOTE: Students who will graduate in the spring of 2016 should contact their academic advisors about potential exceptions to requirements.