This form is for students that are currently registered for MUSC1901 – Music Lessons 1 or MUSC1902 – Music Lessons 2. Submissions should only be made after you are registered.

In brief, registering for either of the lesson courses incurs a $570 lab fee that is for 15 half-hour lessons or the equivalent. As an example, some teachers schedule ten 45 minute lessons, or seven 1 hour lessons and one 1/2 hour lesson. Students that register for lessons during either of the 8 week summer semesters will automatically receive seven hour lessons and one 1/2 hour lesson. The information provided in the form will be used to properly assign you to a private teacher as well as gather your contact information. You and your assigned private teacher will schedule lessons directly.

If you are currently registered, please complete and submit the form and you will be assigned to a private teacher.

For more information, please contact Junauro Landgrebe at

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