Open to all North­east­ern stu­dents, the Elec­tronic Music Ensem­ble was estab­lished specif­i­cally with the inter­ests of Music Tech­nol­ogy majors in mind. The ensem­ble is devoted to the per­for­mance of mod­ern works that incor­po­rate elec­tronic instru­ments or elec­tronic sound pro­cess­ing. The ensem­ble has access to a vari­ety of elec­tronic instru­ments, sound gen­er­a­tors, proces­sors, sam­plers, MIDI and alter­na­tive con­trollers, and lap­top com­put­ers. The ensem­ble is also open to acoustic instru­men­tal­ists inter­ested in per­form­ing con­tem­po­rary music. Rehearsals are typ­i­cally once per week, and a con­cert is given at the end of each semester.

Admis­sion into the ensem­ble is by audi­tion only, with audi­tions held in the first week of each semes­ter. To audi­tion suc­cess­fully, a can­di­date must dis­play an abil­ity to read music, a work­ing knowl­edge of elec­tronic music equip­ment (unless audi­tion­ing as an acoustic instru­men­tal­ist), and a desire to com­mit to the ensem­ble. The Elec­tronic Music Ensem­ble ful­fills the ensem­ble require­ment for music majors.