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Music Theory

Complete the following course (4 credits):

MUSC 1119 Fundamentals of Western Music Theory  

Music Appreciation

Complete one course from the following list (4 credits):

Introduction to Music  
Music as a Social Expression  
Survey of African-American Music  
Music of the USA  
Women in Music  
Music and Poetry  
Introduction to Art, Drama, and Music  
Music in Popular Culture  
Rock Music  
Film Music  
Music Therapy 1  
Music of the Baroque Era  
Music of the Classical Era  
Music of the Romantic Era  
Twentieth-Century Music  
New Directions in Music  
Introduction to World Music  
Music of Africa  
Music of the Middle East  
Music of Latin America and the Caribbean  
Music of the Jewish People  
What’s Playing at Symphony?  
Popular Music, Sexuality, and the New Global Order  
Global Pop Music  
Music of Asia  
Principles of Music Literature

Music Industry

Complete the following course (4 credits):

MUSI 1230 Introduction to Music Industry  

Music Industry Electives

Songwriting 1  
Writing about Music  
Demo Production for Songwriters  
Music Licensing for Media  
Music Recording 1  
Music in the Online and Mobile Environment  
Performing Arts Administration  
Music Publishing and Royalties  
Music Supervision 1  
Special Topics in Music Industry  
Artist Management  
The Record Industry  
Music Products Industry  
Copyright Law for Musicians  
Music Industry Marketing and Promotion  
Concert Promotion and Venue Management  
Music Supervision 2  
Hip Hop in the Music Industry  
Music Entrepreneurship  
Introduction to Music Technology  
Digital Audio Processing

GPA Requirement

2.000 GPA required in the minor

Program Coordinator
Leon Janikian