Requirements for the Ethnomusicology Minor – effective September 2014

Total courses for the minor:
4 courses (16 semester hours) that must include the Seminar in Ethnomusicology (MUSC 4641)

Required Courses: *Denotes prerequisites for “Seminar in Ethnomusicology”
Students who enrolled in the ethnomusicology minor prior to this revision should see Dr. Leonard Brown for current status

  1. *MUSC 2313: Historical Traditions 3 or
    *MUSC 1103: Music as a Social Expression or
    *MUSC 1143: Music in Culture
  2. MUSC 4641: Seminar in Ethnomusicology (REQUIRED)

Electives:  Any two area studies courses listed below:

MUSC 1104: Survey of African American Music
AFAM 1104:  The African American Experience Through Music
MUSC 1128:  Music of Africa
AFRS  1128: The African Experience Through Music
MUSC 1129: Music of the Middle East
MUSC 1130: Music of Asia
MUSC 1131: Music of Latin America & the Caribbean
MUSC 1132: Music of the Jewish People
MUSC 1112: Jazz
MUSC 2101:  Black Popular Music

In addition, summer Dialogues for Civilization/Office of International Study Programs courses led by ethnomusicologists may be petitioned as substitutes for electives in the required area courses for the ethnomusicology minor.

The following have been offered by department ethnomusicologists:
Dialogue of Civilization: Afro-Caribbean Music Research Project (Price & Brown)
AFAM 4710: Field and Lab Methods for Researching Afro-Caribbean Music
AFAM 4939: Afro-Caribbean Music Research 

Finally, special topics courses, such as those offered by ethnomusicologists in MUSC 3550:  Historical Traditions 4: Special Topics, may also be petitioned as a substitute for an area course in the minor.

Program Director
Leonard Brown