The Cooperative Education Program is available to graduate and undergraduate students. Students can take co-op positions in many environments outside the classroom: working in broadcast media, writing for some of the world’s best newspapers and magazines, providing PR consulting to non-profit organizations, or practicing journalism while immersed in new, rich cultures around the globe.

These points of real-world engagement—at a university that is a world leader in experiential learning—means that our students are better prepared to succeed in the lives they choose.  For more information about the journalism co-op program, please contact Kellianne Murphy, Senior Co-op Coordinator, Cooperative and Experiential Education, at 617.373.3412 or by e-mail at


Co-op Employers

Our co-op employers include internationally known news organizations, small media outlets, local cable stations, public relations agencies and government press offices.  View the Websites of some of our top employeers.