The School of Journalism features several hands-on courses that allow students to practice what they’ve learned under the guidance of veteran news and public relations professionals. After taking these classes, alongside a rich co-op experience, students will be well-equipped to meet the challenges of today’s competitive job market.

Investigative Reporting

Investigative Reporting is available to selected upper-level and graduate students.  Under the guidance of Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Walter Robinson, students learn investigative reporting techniques to expose corruption in the public and private sectors. Stories are published in The Boston Globe. Learn more →

The Online Newsroom Experience

The Online Newsroom Experience is taught by veteran reporter and editor Lincoln McKie Jr.  Students write and edit stories for the New England Newspaper and Press Association’s twice-monthly online trade news site the Bulletin. Learn more →

Writing for Your Town

Writing for Your Town, taught by award-winning journalist Lisa Chedekel, gives students an opportunity to write for The Boston Globe’s online community news sites. Learn more →

Public Relations Practice

Public Relations Practice is taught by public relations professional Gladys McKie. Students provide professional public relations services for non-profits and university related events. Learn more →