The School of Journalism at Northeastern University takes educating future  journalists very seriously. Our graduate students have an opportunity to learn journalism theory and skills from faculty who have long careers as journalists in print, broadcast and online news venues. Our master’s program provides multiple opportunities for students to practice journalism skills in the classroom and by participating in Northeastern University’s world-renowned Cooperative Education program. Many of our master’s degree students graduate with published articles from leading print and online news organizations.


Students who pursue the Professional Concentration come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have no experience; others have some experience, but want to refine their skills or enter teaching. Those with little or no media experience can begin the program with an intensive three-week skills course.

The Professional Concentration curriculum balances basic news courses tailored for the digital world with preparation to enter the job market.

Full-time students can finish the program in a year. Part-time students, can take one or two courses each semester and complete the program in two or three years.

As a national leader in cooperative education, Northeastern offers a unique option for its master’s degree students who want pursue a career in the news media.

Full-time students can complement their academic study with a six-month job assignment as a reporter or editor at a media organization. Co-op is not a requirement, and students who choose it generally take an additional six months to graduate.

The Professional Concentration curriculum consists of nine courses plus a one-credit Intensive Reporting class for students who have no reporting experience.

Required courses include:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Storytelling
  • Enterprise Reporting 1 (fall semester)
  • Enterprise Reporting 2 (spring semester)
  • Perspectives on Journalism (summer semester)
  • Professional Ethics (summer semester)

Students must take one practicum course and four electives, and can take one elective outside the School of Journalism. Students need nine courses, 36 credits, and a grade point average of 3.0 to meet graduation requirements.