Media Innovation program was designed with a single goal in mind: Retrain journalists to become digitally fluent storytellers.

The one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary program empowers journalists, both seasoned and newcomers, to think creatively about the future of the news, and provide the digital tools they need to thrive in today’s newsrooms. Based in Boston with its vibrant media and technology scene, students gain real world experience in newsrooms in the city and across the country through Northeastern’s Cooperative Education program.

In the Media Innovation program we embrace this time of rapid change in our industry. We don’t have to reinvent journalism. We get to reinvent journalism.

Storylab Class

Storylab is a course that brings together journalism, design and computer science students to work in teams to reimagine magazine journalism in digital form.


In this three-semester program students choose a personally tailored area of study with a focuses ranging from video, design, data, entrepreneurship, and game design. Digital skills courses are often taken within the wider university including the College of Computer Science and the Department of Art + Design.

Students hone their storytelling skills and apply their new skills within the Journalism School with four required courses:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Journalism
  • Data Journalism
  • Studio 1
  • Studio 2

Media Innovation students need nine courses, 32 credits and a GPA of 3.0 to graduate.

Focuses include:

  • Game Design: Learn the fundamentals of game design that can help educate and bring awareness and empathy to social and political issues told through an interactive journalistic lens.
  • Entrepreneurship: Take classes in Northeastern’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. This concentration fosters innovative, entrepreneurial thinking and prepares students to create their own ventures in media. Students study disruption, build business plans, develop marketing strategies.
  • Design: Courses in the Department of Art + Design introducing students to the elements of design, coding, and interactive design.
  • Data Journalism: Classes both in the School of Journalism and the College of Computer Science that train students in gathering and asking questions of data.
  • Data Visualization: Students can take courses in the Information Design and Visualization program where students learn to create data-based infographics, maps, diagrams, and charts.
  • Video: Students learn to become video journalists with courses in introductory video through documentary filmmaking.

Co-op Program

Students apply their new skills and acquire new ones in full-time four to six month jobs, part of Northeastern’s internationally renowned Cooperative Education Program. Students can do a co-op in the summer after their first year of study or at another point in their studies. Our students have had co-ops as part of The Google News Fellowship, at The Marshall Project, Yik-Yak, Public Radio International, among other media organizations.

The Story

At the core of the program is an in-depth project of significance reported and produced and assembled as a collection of digital stories over the course of the three-semester degree. Projects can range from interactive web documentaries to data driven investigations.

Current topics include:

  • alternatives to incarceration for women with young children;
  • male victims of sexual abuse;
  • homeless transgender teenagers;
  • data study of IVF clinic outcomes;
  • the city of Lawrence’s uphill climb towards rejuvenation.


Alexa Mills tells of the 1941 lynching of Pvt. Felix Hall in her multimedia piece featured in The Washington Post



Jorge Caraballo at Google News

Jorge Caraballo discusses his co-op at Google News Lab


View Adam Glanzman’s photo essay featured in The New York Times


Giluia Afiune reports on the evictions ahead of the Rio Olympics

Emily Hopkins at The Marshall Project

Emily Hopkins talks about being a production intern at The Marshall Project

Meredith Berg's article on addicted moms

Meredith Berg’s writes on an effort to treat addicted moms for The Marshall Project


Department Chair

07/24/15 - BOSTON, MA. - Jonathan Kaufman, Director of School of Journalism in the College of Arts, Media and Design. Photo by: Matthew Modoono/Northeastern

Jonathan Kaufman, Director, School of Journalism



Mike Beaudet, Professor of the Practice, School of Journalism

Jeff Howe

Jeff Howe, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism


John Wihbey, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism


Aleszu Bajak, Instructor, School of Journalism – Media Innovation


Dina Kraft

Dina Kraft, Instructor and Assistant Program Coordinator, School of Journalism – Media Innovation


Gladys McKie, Graduate Coordinator, School of Journalism

Our Partners

We believe in experiential learning. As such, everything Media Innovation students do is for real-world publication.

As students progress through the program we begin reaching out to our publishing partners, both national and local, to find an ideal outlet for publishing pieces.

To date, students are working for The Marshall Project, Fusion, and The Washington Post.