Core Competencies, Fresh Concepts

We believe that the ability to gather, analyze and present stories and information is at the core of the journalism and public relations professions, and we continue to emphasize reporting and writing skills in all courses. We also offer classes that keep pace with the changing way that news is delivered and received in the digital age. Students can learn multimedia journalism from “Crowdsourcing” author Jeff Howe or take “Reinventing the News” with Dan Kennedy. They can study visual communication and photojournalism, broadcast news writing and documentary production, and acquire public relations theory and skills.

Experiential Learning

As part of Northeastern’s College of Arts, Media and Design, journalism students also are part of a unique interdisciplinary and creative community. Our core curriculum is supplemented by electives that take advantage of course offerings from within our college and from other colleges in the university. And with our experiential education opportunities, and our outstanding co-op program, students don’t have to wait until after graduation to begin developing their skills as reporters and public relations professionals. Journalism students can also expand their knowledge by participating in the university’s global experiences, service learning, and student research.

Empowering Students

Our school is committed to providing students with cutting-edge technology. With two computer labs, a newsroom, and a study and lounge area, our facilities meet the needs of students taking multimedia, design, reporting, and public relations classes.

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