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Tue, Sep 08, 2015 2:30 pm



Bloomberg’s Jonathan Kaufman leads School of Journalism

Northeastern University’s School of Journalism announced the appointment of veteran business journalist and Bloomberg News Executive Editor Jonathan Kaufman as …
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NEU Photography

Prof. Leff explores ways the US journalism profession could have help Jewish journalists persecuted by Nazis.

How could have the American journalism community helped Jewish journalists flee persecution by Nazi Germany? This is the question Professor …
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Websites, blogs and social media sites…

…by School of Journalism faculty, staff and students. Homicide Watch Boston: Mark every death. Remember every victim. Follow every case. …
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Student Reporting


Undergrad Joe Thomas gets photos from Spain dialogue published in Washington Post

Third-year journalism undergraduate Joe Thomas’s photos appeared in a Washington Post article, “On a food tour of Madrid, testing gutsy tastes: …
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Investigative Reporting students found Boston paid millions to settle claims against the police department

Students in Investigative Reporting class ended the semester with an investigation on the money the city of Boston has spent …
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Investigative Reporting students find problems with ankle bracelets designed to track criminals

Probationers are being sent to jail for not violating probation thanks to faulty GPS monitoring bracelets. Using data obtained from …
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