Restorative Justice project receives TIER 1 grant

In an effort to help restore justice to civil rights crimes of the 1960’s, the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice …
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Professor Schroeder looks at the entertainment side of the UK prime minister debates

Just as the U.S. is gearing up for the another presidential campaign season, the United Kingdom is in the midst of …
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Dina Kraft

Dina Kraft’s NYT’s article looks at the importance of mining user forums for car defect data

Government and industry should embrace user forums for data that might suggest product defects, according to an article by Dina …
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Student Reporting

Journalism grad students investigate abuses in collection claims

To avoid due diligence requirements imposed in 2009 by the Supreme Judicial Court on debt collectors who file lawsuits in …
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Students look at profits from towing

Much of the media attention has been focused on the enormous cost of snow removal in the city of Boston …
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Investigative Reporting students examine enforcement issues with texting while driving law.

In spite of a Mass. law that bans texting while driving, the law is rarely enforced. In collaboration with FOX25 …
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