“As Northeastern University alumni, you have the power to continue to place this university at the forefront of research, technology, and delivery of a world-class education. By supporting CAMD, you can help students become the artists, industry leaders, and engaged community members of tomorrow. You can continue to be a catalyst and make an incredible impact at CAMD. Lend your support and consider becoming a mentor, a co-op partner, and a donor.”

– Dean Xavier Costa

Give to a program that you loved at Northeastern

Your gift, when combined with thousands of others, has the power to change the lives of our students today, helping ensure that they will become our leaders of tomorrow.

Give your time

Accept an invitation to speak at one of our classes, get involved with your regional alumni chapter, serve on the Young Alumni Board, or attend an alumni event.

Keep in touch

We invite to drop a note at camd@neu.edu about how your experience has changed your life.

Do you have industry expertise to share with students?

Please contact Nancy Galindo-Rodriguez at 617.373.3162 or via email at n.galindorodriguez@neu.edu.